Poems and Letters

A Letter to the Child Inside


First, I just want to admire you. You have made it through so much. You survived things that no person should and things many people wouldn’t. You are strong and you are courageous. But today there is something you need to hear from me.


You are worthy and deserving of so much love You love so hard and accept the smallest of returns because you think that is what you deserve. So, while you are crying asking someone to say those precious words you need to hear. Repeat these words to yourself

“I am deserving of all the love I give to others and I need to show that same love to myself.”


When you ask yourself why can’t one person see my value, be that one person for yourself.

When you ask another to hear your heart, to love you, and they do not. It isn’t your fault. You cannot make anyone see your value if you yourself do not see it.

Until you take the time to tell yourself you deserve more than you are receiving now, you will always settle for less than what you give. Allow yourself to be alone, fall in love with you. Learn yourself, pursue yourself like you do him/her/them.

Do not feel guilty for saying to others that you need space. Do not feel guilty if you need to walk away to give yourself what others refuse or cannot give you.

In that alone time, hold yourself like you would a lover. Ask yourself the things he/she/they would. Do the things for yourself that you want them to do. Say the things to yourself that you want them to. Be the lover to yourself that you desire in someone else.

Only when you fall in love with yourself and see your own worth will you not accept less than the love you give. And don’t you deserve the same love that you give. Don’t you deserve to feel as good as you are making them feel.

When you grow this love for yourself it shines through you and attracts those who see your value. Surround yourself with these kind souls. You will find that other person that can love you even better than you love yourself. But you will only find that person once you learn to love yourself. That person will complete you rather than consume you. This is because instead of giving your heart away, both your hearts will combine as one.

Written July 4, 2019